Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Southwest Airlines

by Downtown V.Brown

Southwest is spreading the love all around on their 40th birthday.  They are offering 40 dollar one way trips to most locales up to 450 miles.  If your planning a trip a little farther, you may get the rate of $80.00 or &120.00.  You must act fast because this b-day celebration will end on Thursday the 23rd.  Also all tickets must be ordered by Thursday the 23rd. Most importantly, note that this offer is only for reservations booked online. So stay patient cause the web site server has been significantly slowed due to all the web traffic.

For instance, you can head to the land of the stars (LAX) for just $ 40 bucks depending from where you are departing.  Even if you are more than 450 miles from  Las Vegas, it may only cost you $80.00.  That's awesome! If you are coming from the west coast to the east, you may get a trip to the big apple for only $120.00  It  applies to departures from Bob Hope Airport (BUR), Ontario Airport International (ONT) and (SNA) John Wayne Airport.

This offer is for travel from August 23- Nov 16th.  Again it may be tough to navigate through the Southwest site. But if you are patient, it is well worth the wait.  For any parents that have to fly there kids back to College after the Summer, this is a great opportunity that should be taken advantage of. You can land a one way ticket from LA to Boston for only $120.00. Happy Bday Southwest airlines!

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